Transfer of webhost and server

The transfer of both NRAU domains and webpages have now been completed, which means that the webpages are now hosted by NRRL on their webserver. Inform Webmaster if questions or problems.

Faulty nac10m Email address

Following a recent complaint on issues with using the Email address, the problem has now been solved. Should you find any issues on the webpage or other NRAU related issues, please contact the Wembaster (

Calendar errors

Thank you to Per SM0DFP and Jan SM4HFI for pointing out a major programming flaw within the NRAU calendar for published NAC contest days. When programmed, the monthly repetitive weekdays for the contests ended up on the wrong weekdays. This…

Webpage update

On 1 December 2022, this new layout for the NRAU webpage was published. Background for this change is that our old Joomla template will no longer be supported following recent release of Joomla version 4. Support for the previous Joomla…

Domain changes

Ownership of the NRAU domain has been transferred to NRRL, and LA6IM Hans has taken on the task to revert the webpage to its original contents.

Webpage status

The status of the officially published NRAU webpage (which also included both Baltic and other contest related contents) was on the agenda for this weekend’s NRAU meeting. Awaiting agreed minutes for way ahead.

NRAU Activity Contests NAC

NRAU NAC 10m – 6m – 4m – 2m – 70cm – 23cm – UHF/SHF The purpose of the NRAU Activity Contest (or NAC for short) is to increase activity on bands which are seldom or hardly used, so the…

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