Webpage update

On 1 December 2022, this new layout for the NRAU webpage was published.

Background for this change is that our old Joomla template will no longer be supported following recent release of Joomla version 4. Support for the previous Joomla version 3 is set to be abandoned spring 2023, whereas our template and setup will soon have to be changed anyway.

As Joomla this time did not facilitate an easy upgrade process, i.e. seamsless transfer of old contents, media and data, as we have been used to, it was time to move forward and drop Joomla entirely in favor of WordPress.

This said -, it will take some time to finalise layout and get everything back in place, some tweaks may e required, hi. So please be patient …

Please contact Webmaster if you have any questions or comments.

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