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On 8 September 2020, the ownership of the NRAU.net domain was transferred from LB3RE Stein-Roar to NRRL, following a decision during the recent NRAU meeting this month. Additionally, LA6IM Hans will re-assume the duties as Webmaster on behalf of NRAU until further notice.

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All the Nordic countries have their own national Amateur Radio organization. More of the countries have similar languages making both general understanding and cultural understanding across the borders much easier. Additionally, they also have common interests and goals regarding Amateur Radio as such.

These are just some of the reasons why these organizations joined forces in establishing a Nordic amateur radio community named the “Nordic Radio Amateur Union” (NRAU).

To ensure all member countries fully understand any decision or recommendation made by the NRAU, and to limit any form of ambiguity, all formal written material to/from the NRAU is submitted in a second language to all, namely English.

Recognizing that Amateur Radio is an international activity, most national and regional Amateur Radio organizations are members of the “International Amateur Radio Union” (IARU) on a world-wide basis. Through the IARU, both national organizations and authorities are represented.

Due to the mere global size of IARU, and the total number of nations involved, the IARU has been divided into three separate sub regions named Region 1, Region 2 and Region 3.

Africa, Europe (incl the NRAU member societies, hi), Middle East and Northern Asia all belong to IARU Region 1.

What one must also recognize are the differences in frequency- and band allocations within the individual IARU regions, and in particular pay attention to any national regulations which normally overrules any other allocation.

This is a free translation of a NRAU description, as found on the NRRL web in May 2011:

NRAU is a Nordic organization composed of individual national organizations. NRAU’s aim is to coordiate radio amateur activities, and to work towards a common solution for the Nordic countries.

NRAU holds a meeting ahead of every IARU conference, where all proposed agenda items are duly discussed in the attempt to reach a mutual Nordic understanding and agreement, when possible. In this way the Nordic countries will be well prepared prior to participating in the IARU conference, using joint argumentation for the decisions made at the previous NRAU meeting.

NRAU member organizations

The table below displays the member organizations of NRAU, in addition to IARU Region 1. Clicking any indivudal logo will redirect you to the corresponding organization’s webpage.


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