NRAU Activity Contests NAC

NRAU NAC 10m – 6m – 4m – 2m – 70cm – 23cm – UHF/SHF

The purpose of the NRAU Activity Contest (or NAC for short) is to increase activity on bands which are seldom or hardly used, so the idea is to have a relaxed atmosphere and not so serious contest, hi.

Rules :

  • 6m and up found under Above 30MHZ on the left or here
  • NRAU NAC 10m and NRAU Baltic contest on the left under Below 30 MHZ or here
  • NRAU NAC contest are also open to any non-NRAU, but they are ONLY allowed to have a QSO with a NRAU station.
  • NRAU NAC 10m contest are open contest to any non-NRAU and NRAU station, with object to hunt NRAU stations. Each session is 1 hour CW, 1 hour SSB, 1 hour FM &  1 hour MGM (RTTY, PSK31/63, FT4, FT8, FSK)
  • QSOes are valid between NRAU to NRAU countries, 

NRAU valid DXCC prefixes:

JW Svalbard, Hopen and Bear Island
JX Jan Mayen
OF-OG-OH-OI Finland
OJØ Market Reef
OX-XP Greenland
OW-OY Faroe Islands
5P-5Q-OU-OV-OZ Denmark
TF Iceland

NRAU/NAC Contests Calendar

Dates for the 2020 / 2021 NRAU NAC contests will be posted on a relevant Event calendar. 

The contests are fairly laid back, so feel free to join in, it’s great fun!

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