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The NRAU is the responsible entity for two amateur radio activity related contests, namely the NRAU Activity Contest, or the NAC, and the Scandinavian Activity Contest, the SAC.

At present the question is how much of this information, or details, should be published on the NRAU webpage. The rationale behind this hesitation is that more member society pages already cover this, although in their native language. And, there is no rationale to copy or duplicate what is already found other places.

However, at the same time the NRAU needs to ensure that the basic contest information and/or rules can be easily found, and ensure that it is available in English.

NRAU Activity Contest - NAC

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The NRAU Activity Contest, or the NAC, is a laid back contest to promote usage of our amateur bands from 10m and up.

Until the source rules for the NAC have been identified, these are the scheduled contest bands and days:

Band Day of the week Comment
28 MHz 1. Thursday of the month  See 10m contest below ...
50 MHz 2. Thursday of the month  
70 MHz 3. Thursday of the month  
144 MHz 1. Tuesday of the month Two classes: 144S and 144E
432 MHz 2. Tuesday of the month Two classes: 432S and 432E
1296 MHz 3. Tuesday of the month  
2.3 GHz & Up 4. Tuesday of the month  


Class 144S and 432S are Standard class, operating max 100W output as measured on the transmitter's PA.
Class 144E and 432E are Extra class, for participants using more than 100W output.

All activities takes place between 1800 and 2200 UTC in the winter, and between 1700 and 2100 UTC in the summer (due to Daylight Saving Time, from last weekend i March to last weekend in October).

Scandinavian Activity Contest - SAC

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General information on the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) can be found on the SAC webpage.

But, what does SAC have to do with NRAU? Well, paragraph 15 in the SAC rules clearly states that:

The Nordic Radio Amateur Union (NRAU) is the organizer of the contest. The member societies of NRAU are EDR (Denmark), FRA (Faroe Islands), IRA (Iceland), NRRL (Norway), SRAL (Finland), and SSA (Sweden).

The contest is administered by a committee composed of one member each from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

NRAU 10m Contest rules

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The NRAU Activity Contest on 10m takes place on the 1st Thursday of the month.

  • Winter 1800-2200 UTC
  • Summer 1700-2100 UTC

Modes and Timetable:

Mode Summer Winter
CW 1700 - 1800 UTC 1800 - 1900 UTC
SSB 1800 - 1900 UTC 1900 - 2000 UTC
FM 1900 - 2000 UTC 2000 - 2100 UTC
MGM 2000 - 2100 UTC 2100 - 2200 UTC

As a participant you can take part in one or more of these categories in ONE Mixed mode LOG.

If you have worked different categories then this gives you automatic submission into the Mixed mode and scoring for each mode:

Category Mode Freq Bandwidth
A CW / Telegraphy 28.040 MHz +/- 30 kHz
B SSB / Telephony 28.500 MHz +/- 50 kHz
C FM / Telephony 29.150 MHz +/- 50 kHz
D MGM / Digital 28.050 - 28.190 MHz See note *) below
E Mixed / Combined Modes PSK31 / PSK63 & RTTY  

Exchange: RS(T) + Maindenhead Locator, e.g. 599 JP50HQ


1 point per km, pluss 500 points bonus for each new main locator square, e.g. JO49, JO59 etc.

(See N1MM Logger NRAU NAC 10m modul / or Win-test or DX LOG for details)



Category D = MGM/Digital => RTTY, Amtor, PSK31, PSK63, JT65, FSK441, FT8, etc

*) Only 1 QSO per contacted station

Category E = Combined category, for example 2, 3 or 4 categories: A+B, A+C, A+B+C, A+B+C+D etc


  • Only submit 1 electronic Cabrillo log for ALL modes! 
  • Send also log & summary/score sheet to your National contest Manager within NRAU
  • Logs to be submitted via the webpage.



  • Class 1 Single OP
  • Class 2 Multi OP

Special categories NRRL/DX logs:

Category A CW / B SSB / C FM / D MGM/Digital (FT8, JT65, PSK31/PSK63 & RTTY) / E Mixed

Category D MGM: Allowed to work same station on RTTY & PSK31/PSK63. I.e. you can work a QSO with LA1XXX on RTTY and then again on PSK31 

NB!  Class 2 Multi OP for DX & Norwegian stations ONLY, Clubstations

Please also send logs for NRRL & DX by email to nac10m(a)

We would like to have both Cabrillo log & summary/score sheets please.


Best QRB = Please add a note in the SOPABOX for your longest achieved QRB (distance in kilometers) between your station and the worked locator for each mode. This can be seen in the N1MM logger.

Non-NRAU stations may ONLY work stations within NRAU.

NRAU stations have the following valid DXCC prefixes:

  • JW Svalbard and Bear Island
  • JX Jan Mayen
  • LA-LB-LG-LJ-LN Norway
  • OF-OG-OH-OI Finland
  • OFØ-OGØ-OHØ Aaland
  • OJØ Market Reef
  • OX-XP Greenland
  • OW-OY Faroe Islands
  • 5P-5Q-OU-OV-OZ Denmark
  • TF Iceland

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