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The NRAU Activity Contest, or the NAC, is a laid back contest to promote usage of our amateur bands from 10m and up.

Until the source rules for the NAC have been identified, these are the scheduled contest bands and days:

Band Day of the week Comment
28 MHz 1. Thursday of the month  See 28 MHz table below ...
50 MHz 2. Thursday of the month  
70 MHz 3. Thursday of the month  
144 MHz 1. Tuesday of the month Two classes: 144S and 144E
432 MHz 2. Tuesday of the month Two classes: 432S and 432E
1296 MHz 3. Tuesday of the month  
2.3 GHz & Up 4. Tuesday of the month  


Class 144S and 432S are Standard class, operating max 100W output as measured on the transmitter's PA.
Class 144E and 432E are Extra class, for participants using more than 100W output.

All activities takes place between 1800 and 2200 UTC in the winter, and between 1700 and 2100 UTC in the summer (due to Dayligh Saving Time, from last weekend i March to last weekend in October).

For 10m / 28MHz, the following applies (yet to be confirmed ...):

Category Mode Time-slot Frequency
A CW 1900 to 2000 28.040 ± 30 kHz 
B SSB 2000 to 2100 28.500 ± 50 kHz
C FM 2100 to 2200 29.150 ± 50 kHz
D MGM / Digital 2200 to 2300 28.050 - 190 KHz

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