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NRAU Baltic 2018 results

NRAU Baltic results 2018

NRAU BALTIC 2018 Results

Logchecking software SM2EZT NRAU Logchecker

NRRL HF Contest manager & NRAU Baltic Contest Committee co-ordinator

LB3RE Stein-Roar Brobakken

NRRL Contest Team LB3RE, LATY and LA6VQ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Assisted by OH6KZP Kim Östman and SM2EZT Torvald Lundberg

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Results Files

You can see the drafted files of results here 

Booklet can be found here 


There been some logarythm issue due some people dont write their power category into the log!! so few have allready seen their log in wrong power category!

About NRAU BALTIC Contest Committee

In NRAU meeting 2017 in Denmark the NRAU board decided to try to perform a Contest Committee for NRAU BALTIC Contest which LB3RE try to get more people into. This is to make NRAU BALTIC more popular and have standard for logchecking. LB3RE Stein-Roar made fixed email addresses for CW and SSB which are forwarded each of the logchecker, plus make standard protocol for logchecking, so we don’t need spent log of time each society.

Those who are willing to participate into a NRAU BALTIC CC email to LB3RE or their society.

Logchecking report 2018

There were quite many logs which were modified in 2018. Number of logs from DX log had now formatting in exchange, and quite few errors from few others. But we have accepted any “irregular” format from each of N1MM, DXlog, Win-test etc. other unknown logging software.

We kindly ask, and hope people don’t modify or adding extra lines, symbols etc. to their Cabrillo file. It is not easy to know who are clean or not.  Tabs are not allowed, only spaces to have possibility to read the data.

Don’t add BIG soapboax notes to your logs. Its better to submit a writeup or email to logchecker with this info! Instead of damage the logfile ?

We spent several 10th of hour to fix and clean up this. We are using TextPad pro or Cabrillo washer to remove any unwanted spaces, tabs etc to optimized this for SM2EZT NRAU Baltic logchecker.

Also many of you dont write high or low power! bad behaviour to make extra investigation.

Thank you for all the logs!

Stats for 2018

Statistics for 2018 show we have quite high activity in LY, OH, YL, SM and ES. OZ and LA are low activity in this contest, but we have moved the time of the contest to have balance east to west.

There are no logs from JW Svalbard, JX Jan Mayen, OY Faroe Island or TF Iceland.

We hope many of you bring youths or scouts into this contest, as we now have the Multi Operator class.

In Norway there is new regulation that people can try the station with supervisor at the shack!

NRAU BALTIC contest 2019

We hope many of you will post online score for each category on

Denmark EDR will be the host of 2019

UBN logchecking report files online

You can find UBN Reports online here

Next NRAU BALITC 2019 is January 13th!


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