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The NRAU BALTIC Contest Commitee


The NRAU meeting in 2017 by EDR, HF section signed LB3RE Stein-Roar as Teamleader for the NRAU-BALTIC Contest - NBC.


in 2018 NRAU BALTIC Contest Commite have had mailing list with active HF Contest / IARU/ NRAU Liason to make more activities.

In 2018 have had big help by OH6KZP, OZ2I and LB3RE.

1. Each society running the contest must use their info to  be published on NRAU website hosted by NRRL on

2. Rules and changes must be approved by NRAU.

3. have FTP to give logs and data to all those who are active in NBC Contest.



The host for NBC - NRAU BALTIC Contest 2020 is ERAU


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