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Baltic Contest 18-19 may 2019

Baltic contest CW/SSB 18-19 may 2019 




Period: from 2100z May 18, 2019 till 0200z May 19, 2019 UTCPeriod: from 2100z May 18, 2019 till 0200z May 19, 2019 UTC
A – single operator, CW/SSB
B – single operator, CW
C – single operator, SSB
D – single operator, 2 hours, CW/SSB
E – multi operator, single TX
Any use of DX spotting networks (Skimmer, DX cluster, sked pages and etc.) for section A, B, C, D is not permitted. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any time. Only one period of two hours with biggest QSO number counts for section D competition, all contacts made outside this period will be automatically used for check.
Frequencies: CW (3510-3600) kHz, SSB (3600-3750) kHz.
Exchange: RS(T) and serial number starting from 001. Each station may be worked once in SSB and once in CW.


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