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IARU Region 1 Field day 2012

There is IARU Region 1 SSB fieldday 1-2 September.

LA (NRRL) & OZ (EDR) have also fieldday, but OZ & LA have Multi-mode allowed from 160 to 10 m + 6m to 70cm. CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK63/31 etc.)

The fieldday start up 13:00 UTC Saturday and ends 12:59 UTC Sunday.

NRAU / Baltic FD ???

Following rules below are used for Norway(LA), but we gladly see other NRAU / Baltic radio amateurs active to support OZ & LA as the "ONLY" Multimode countries in IARU region 1. The reason we have MULTI-mode is to etablish more attention to youth and have more fun!!


Class A: Groups
Must have a minimum of two licensed radio amateur operators. Unlicensed persons may be permitted to operate and keep a log on the understanding that it is under full control of the responsible radio amateur.
Participants in the class A can use up to 6 HF rigs, each consisting of a transmitter and a receiver or a transceiver. All rigs will use the same call sign.
There is no power limit beyond license provisions.
Class B: Single Operator
Can only be a licensed radio amateur. Can not receive help to operate or keep a log. There is no power limit beyond license provisions.
Class C: QRP
As for class B, but the maximum output power shall not exceed 5 watts for some of the rigs (IARU Region 1's limit for QRP).

Call Sign
The stations use the call sign followed by a / P on all modes, except for telephony, where PORTABLE used.

CQ FD "is used in all modes, except for telephony, where" CQ Field Day "is used.

 Report + Exchange
RS (T) followed by serial numbers starting with 001 It used its own number series for each rig, regardless of band and mode.

Band and Mode
Following the HF bands can be used: 1.8, 3.5, 5, 7, 14, 21, 28 (160 - 80 – 60 – 40 – 20 – 15- 10  for HF ) ( VHF 6 m 4m 2m 70 cm 23 cm = 60 Mhz 70 Mhz 144 Mhz 433 Mhz and 1240 Mhz)

Points and multiplier
QSO points

Fixed stations in Europe (including Norway): 1 point
Fixed stations DX: 2 points
Portable / mobile stations in Europe (including Norway): 3 points   (Stations with /P in callsign)
Portable / mobile stations DX: 4 points            (Stations with /P in callsign)

Each DXCC countries (including Norway) and each of the three modes (CW, SSB, digital mode) allows multiplier. Eg.: If you run the DL on 20 meters SSB, 20 meters CW and 40 meters SSB, this three multipliers.
A station may only be contacted once per band and mode. Each DXCC per Mode per Band = 1 Mult

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