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IARU Region 1 Field day 2012

There is IARU Region 1 SSB fieldday 1-2 September.

LA (NRRL) & OZ (EDR) have also fieldday, but OZ & LA have Multi-mode allowed from 160 to 10 m + 6m to 70cm. CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK63/31 etc.)

The fieldday start up 13:00 UTC Saturday and ends 12:59 UTC Sunday.

NRAU / Baltic FD ???

Following rules below are used for Norway(LA), but we gladly see other NRAU / Baltic radio amateurs active to support OZ & LA as the "ONLY" Multimode countries in IARU region 1. The reason we have MULTI-mode is to etablish more attention to youth and have more fun!!

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