Faulty nac10m Email address

Following a recent complaint on issues with using the Email address nac10m@nrau.net, the problem has now been solved. Should you find any issues on the webpage or other NRAU related issues, please contact the Wembaster (webmaster@nrau.net).

Calendar errors

Thank you to Per SM0DFP and Jan SM4HFI for pointing out a major programming flaw within the NRAU calendar for published NAC contest days. When programmed, the monthly repetitive weekdays for the contests ended up on the wrong weekdays. This…

Webpage update

On 1 December 2022, this new layout for the NRAU webpage was published. Background for this change is that our old Joomla template will no longer be supported following recent release of Joomla version 4. Support for the previous Joomla…

NRAU 10m contest rules

We have just published a copy of the old 10m NAC contest rules, which will still be under revision, but these do at least provide you with some initial information. Logs can be submitted via the “Send log” button on…

NAC and details

As we are still awaiting details (in English) regarding todays rules for the NRAU Activity Contest, the published information will still be scarce. More will follow as soon as possible …

Domain changes

Ownership of the NRAU domain www.nrau.net has been transferred to NRRL, and LA6IM Hans has taken on the task to revert the webpage to its original contents.

NRAU meeting 2020

The last NRAU meeting took place over the weekend 5-6 September 2020. Due to required Covid-19 precautions, the meeting was held as a video-conference, where all the NRAU member societies participated. Agenda and other documents may be posted here later.

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