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NRAU NAC 10m-6m-4m-2m-70cm-23cm-UHF/SHF

The purpose of the NRAU Activity Contest (or NAC for short) is to increase activity on bands which are seldom or hardly used, so the idea is to have a relaxed atmosphere and not so serious contest, hi.

Rules :

  • 6m and up found under Above 30MHZ on the left or here
  • NRAU NAC 10m and NRAU Baltic contest on the left under Below 30 MHZ or here
  • NRAU NAC contest are also open to any non-NRAU, but they are ONLY allowed to have a QSO with a NRAU station.
  • QSO is valid only between NRAU to NRAU countries.

NRAU valid DXCC prefixes:

JW Svalbard, Hopen and Bear Island
JX Jan Mayen
OF-OG-OH-OI Finland
OJØ Market Reef
OX-XP Greenland
OW-OY Faroe Islands
5P-5Q-OU-OV-OZ Denmark
TF Iceland


NRAU/NAC Contests Calendar

Dates for the NRAU NAC contests in 2013 can be found on our Event calendar. An RSS feed is also available from LA6FJA (link).

The contests are fairly laid back, so feel free to join us, it's great fun!


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